Oils & Lice

My son and I have a mild case of head lice, hopefully soon to be over.  Likely caught at the Woodford folk festival (as established Woodford 2015 – nice to start new traditions…

J was treated with pharmaceutical products while with his dad for the weekend; but I didn’t know so when he returned home he was again exposed.  Not keen to double up on the chemicals, thought I’d try out the advice in my Xmas present!


Corkhill’s recipe has exceeded expectations.  I made up my own recipe last year, basing it on various online recommendations.  It’s efficacy was inconclusive :(.  The infected one had looong dreads and was too impatient to completely soak them in oil, leave them 12 hours, then repeat after 3 days.  This second time round was a lot easier!

Last year’s base oil was olive, as there it was in the kitchen when needed.   Corkhill’s recipe uses almond and this was a vast, vast improvement – on my hands anyway. The olive oil felt like it would never, could never be removed; in comparison the almond oil was absorbed by the skin quickly, and didn’t leave really oily residue (as far as possible, it is fucking oil). That said, it saddens me to admit I too didn’t make it to 12 hours, only about 8.  But this is enough it turns out.  Repeated the treatment yesterday and think that maybe, really possibly maybe, the lice are gone.  My hair’s still oily but that’s a rapidly-fading city-blip.  (It’s barely worth mentioning – but it is part of the forest if one can wait it may become clearer as more info is gradually posted.)

Doubtless our treatment was made much easier since J had had the chemical treatment 3 days prior, however it was clearly successful in treating my lice, and overall this will be my go-to the next time.  The oil mix smelt great, didn’t burn the scalp, didn’t sweat into the eyes when working/playing, and leaves the hair and scalp feeling great.  I do have a persistent itch, but I’ve no idea how much the creepy crawly factor or the heat or this or that may be affecting it.

So because there is a little itchiness, I’ve decided to try the dandruff remedy too.  I altered the recipe as I only had about a quarter of the vinegar recommended and I guessed the amount of rosemary.  It will be ready for use in about a fortnight – will post the outcome.  Thank you Melissa Corkhill!  Head lice quashed!

Have a look at Natural Remedies at:


Corkhill, Melissa (2011) Natural Remedies: Self-Sufficiency, New Holland Publishers: UK.



The Planting Festival

A great family festival, held at Woodfordia every year.  We went last year and had a fantastic time despite the rain.  Loved the ambience and food especially; sitting around fire pits at night, live music in the background and excellent French nibbles is a bit special.  Watch the promo clip on The Planting’s site if you’d like to see live footage.


Spinister Straw is located about 30 mins away; I did go to Woodford Folk Festival 2015 as a day visitor, but I found the driving tedious, even if you do get a better night’s sleep.  Looking forward to this year’s planting as we’re taking the campervan – woohoo!!!